PLEASE NOTE: Billy Te Kahika no longer manages the information or has influence on any information on this website due to bail restrictions of no access to the internet. The website is currently managed by the website developer (Piripi) who will add and remove content as he sees fit. The contact form on this website now directs mail to the developer and will not be passed on to Billy Te Kahika for the duration of his bail conditions.

Teenaa koutou katoa – Greetings dear All

Billy Te Kahika (Billy TK) is a Christian freedom fighter and former politician who was leader of the New Zealand Public Party. He was a political phenomenon that grew large scale support and profile likely faster than any other politician in New Zealand history.

Billy’s profile grew from broadcasting simple and to the point messages on his Facebook page about his ​concerns around the New Zealand Labour Government’s rapid destruction of rights and freedoms in New Zealand through their introduction by stealth of Technocratic and Environmental Communism, and United Nations programs Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.

​These concerns have proven to be rooted in fact.

This site is dedicated to educating people about the very real threats to freedom that the people of New Zealand are facing at the hands of a corrupt system. New Zealand’s tyrannical socialist/communist Government is implementing the longstanding globalist plan for the centralisation and total control of the world’s populations and resources.

The site is also a via media to demonstrate that freedom of speech is the hallmark of a free democratic society — anything less is totalitarian and should be confronted.

A direct descendant of Māori chieftain Tane Tinorau Opataia (Ruapuha Uekaha), Billy is a supporter of indigenous authority and sovereignty and an advocate for the personal sovereignty and freedoms of all people who live in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Billy is a person of the people and is for ALL people.

ALWAYS FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM — Here is Billy with Wellington freedom fighters letting Dr Ashley Bloomfield know he is on notice.

Speaking to Public Relations & Marketing companies during a private presentation at the National Library, Bloomfield lectured about how to market the mainstream Covid 19 narrative, how important it is to manipulate the public to accept the message without question, and how to deal with what is referred to as misinformation. The meeting excluded members of the public such as Billy who wanted to ask challenging questions. No surprises there, since they claim to be — and want to maintain their image as — the single source of truth.

Consequently, as the picture shows, Billy and supporters delivered their message to Dr Bloomfield from outside the venue.

Billy Te Kahika with protestors at the Wellington National Library protesting right in from of Ashley Bloomfield – He got rattled and got the message!



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