A journey of epic proportions began in March 2020…

Billy Te Kahika is a husband, father, grandfather, international musician and an ordinary Māori, Kiwi, New Zealander who in March 2020 started to broadcast Facebook live-streams from his little farm in the backblocks of northern Aotearoa New Zealand. His broadcasts were intended to share his observations about where he saw the Labour Government of New Zealand taking the country, and how previous governments had set the environment for New Zealand to be sold out to international special interest groups and the apex United Nations programs, Agendas 21 and 2030.

Billy’s broadcasts contained a mix of geo-political observations and biblical examinations of the prophetic books of Daniel chapter 7 and Revelation chapter 13 in particular. The impetus behind these broadcasts was his response to the Government’s Covid 19 strategy and the glaring inconsistencies in the official narrative propagated by the least transparent Government ever in power in New Zealand. Billy’s concerns around this prompted him to make his first live broadcast, which unbeknown to him at the time, was to be a fateful step.

The response to his humble broadcasts was unprecedented. Billy was propelled in front of thousands of New Zealanders who shared his concerns, a common statement from members of the public being, ‘At last someone is saying what needs to be said!’  

The integrity of what he was saying resonated, and people demanded he stand for election into parliament. Very reluctantly he agreed, and on June 12, 2020, the New Zealand Public Party (NZPP) was born out of a genuine grass roots movement.

NZPP quickly rose in stature, and after merging with the already registered and fledgling Advance NZ, rapidly became the third largest political party. It was also the party with the most online support and social media audience with over 5.5 million message views and tens of thousands of people in the party’s support network. It was like nothing ever seen before in Aotearoa. As of May 2021 Billy has had over six million personal engagements into his messaging.

Despite this sky-rocketing support, the Government and Electoral Commission reported that the party collected only 30,000 votes in the 2020 General Elections — enough said about the integrity of the Government and Electoral Commission.

After the election Billy terminated NZPP in favour of focusing on pure freedom fighting and Christian ministry. His fight for freedom is continuing and has become more focused and capable of educating people about the real threat of eradication of freedom and democracy in New Zealand.

He is working on the national adoption of He Wakaputanga 1835, the Declaration of Independence which restores the lawful and legal authority of Māori chiefs to suspend any perverse Government from which the people may require protection, such as when tyranny is exerted, and protection from it required.

​That time is now.

It’s not all good news … the price for speaking up was high …

The price Billy has paid for taking a stand against tyranny and gaining such a high profile is that he has been the most attacked and slandered person in politics probably ever. He has had ‘friends’ and even a brother attack him in the media, lost long term ‘friends’ who disagree with him, lost two careers, lost his home, received threats to his safety leading to his home address published so that people could ‘visit’ him and ‘punch him in the head’.  He has endured supporters & candidates who were unhappy with the movement not suiting them, plan to black mail him to get him to resign by forging false stories and threatening him with ‘exposure’ of these stories. Despite reporting this to the Police, the Police decided there was no case to investigate despite there being recorded evidence of a zoom meeting where it was all discussed. It was fortunate that his then colleague Jami-Lee Ross was invited to this zoom meeting and was able to record the discussion where they said they would ‘create’ a story and frame it up to blackmail Billy that unless he did what he was told and resigned after ‘being elected’ they would ‘expose him’. But that if he resigned, they would pay him $10,000.00 per month.  All of this was recorded and reported and the NZ Police decided not to pursue the complaint.

New Zealand media outlets such as the NZ Herald, Stuff.con.nz, News Grub (Hub) and other highly paid left leaning Government funded media outlets constantly attack him. This led to Facebook closing his political page down two days before the general election as media rolled out a ‘hit piece’ on him with no real hope of being able to counter the attack’s desperately untrue narrative.

After de-merging with Advance NZ after the Election, Billy was forced to dismiss the NZPP Party Secretary Michelle Hood (Reade) and Party Director, Michael Stace for dishonestly releasing sensitive NZPP freedom fighting strategies to outside interests wanting to infiltrate the NZPP network. The betrayal was a huge shock but his response was resolute to immediately remove them. This led to Michael Stace beginning yet another untrue campaign of slander towards Billy. The public quickly rose to Billy’s defence and both Michael Stace and Michelle Hood / Reade have ‘gone underground’.

As if that is not bad enough, Billy is often hounded and slandered by other ‘freedom fighters’ such as Voices for Freedom (Funded and founded by Michael Kelly & Claire Deeks), The Outdoors Party and others – it literally never stops. Even at time of writing, a new preposterous claim has arisen that Billy has done a deal with the Government and is secretly running the country!

So if you believe that a happy family man, businessman, internationally acclaimed musician, community servant and private person wanted to become a freedom fighter for fame & money then YOU ARE a conspiracy theorist.

A quote from Billy: ‘I never believed that speaking out about the tranny that we are all facing in regards to losing our rights and freedoms would result in such major highs and major lows or that the lows would be so low. I have learned so much about humanity this past year – how beautiful and dark we can be. The issue about the truth of Jacinda Ardern and her Government and what they are doing to New Zealand using Covid 19 has created such division – which is another tactic of the left and making any stand at any level against it draws attention and attacks from those who are paid and those who cannot see it all for what it truly is – the theft of our sovereign rights and a genuine fight against it. Ill meaning people who mistakenly thought all I wanted was to be elected took advantage of my public stand to slander me. The lies they told actually said far more about themselves than me and those who know me were more upset about it than I was.  I am an ordinary person with faults like the next person and when my stand started the first thing I did was to say to the world I am a Christian man today who is first to admit I have most certainly made mistakes in my life but I have always, always done my best by and cared for people.’

‘I don’t want a job in Parliament, recognition or status – I just want to protect my and all families from tyranny, see souls saved and have our God given right to live in peace upheld. The sooner we arrive at that point, and we have done our job, I will vanish never to be heard of or seen again – I want my life back and a quiet one at that.’


Billy was a White Ribbon Ambassador from 2012 until 2020 until White Ribbon Campaign Manager Rob McCann, a Labour candidate removed him for his ‘views about Covid 19 and the Government’. Billy heard about this when he saw it in the media – they did not tell him first.